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PlayStation Network Preorders Need Work

The video game industry has been pushing preorders on everyone for years, sometimes offering incentives for ordering early like extra content or skins. In the case of NHL15, Electronic Arts offered a $15 Ultimate Team incentive. After digitally purchasing Madden 15 - the first Madden in years for me - and with the lack of any hockey games on the PS4, I decided to preorder NHL 15 digitally.

Then news broke that NHL 15 was a shell of its previous versions (and has since been shown to be an early access title at full retail price). I wanted out at this point, so I searched for a way to cancel digital preorders. To do so, you needed to contact customer support which I did via chat. The agent couldn’t help me directly but created a request for another team to review and stated that they couldn’t guarantee that I’d get a refund.


A few days later, I received an email from Sony stating that I would get a refund but with the cavet that it was a “a one time gesture of goodwill”. Why is canceling an order a one time thing? Why can’t we just say “thanks but I changed my mind”?

Sony, your store needs some work as do your policies for how to handle simple transactions.



Losing It

In high school, my metabolism was out of control. I could literally eat anything I wanted to and not gain a single pound. I was 6’3”, 185lbs and ran track my Junior year. I ate, and I ate, and I ate.

I’ll have a full cheese quesadilla, bacon cheeseburger deluxe, and an ice cream sundae.

Senior year, I worked a lot, still ate, then went to college, and kept eating.

Metabolism slowed down. Physical activity was limited to occasional roller hockey games. Weight started to pile on. The “freshman 15” turned into more and I topped out at around 260 about a year or so ago. It may have been more. It probably was more.

Getting back on track, losing what I had gained has always been in the back of my mind but there were always excuses. Working too much. I have plans. I’ll do it later. Don’t want to be away from the kids. Stuff do to around the house. I’d join a gym and not go. I’d join a gym and get injured from being stupid. There’s a video game to play. There’s a movie to watch.

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"Music discovery happens on Radio 104."

*plays Ho Hey by The Lumineers, an overplayed song that debuted on the Billboard charts in 2012.*

Crypt of the NecroDancer

Crypt of the NecroDancer

Cosmic Encounter, We Play (5/6)

Tomorrow is my first 5k ever. Hopefully not my last.

Tomorrow is my first 5k ever. Hopefully not my last.

Typing of the Dead: Chapter 3 / MF’r Difficulty